Benbo & Penny

Cute picture eh? This is Penny the cat who belongs to my friends Mona & David :o) Sitting next to Penny is Benbo the owling who they adopted from me at the last Bazaar Bizarre in San Mateo. I hope they're pals...sometimes Penny has jealousy issues - like with their Roomba vacuum.

Still haven't finished my mural sketches...spent a lot of yesterday trying to understand the nature of the Serengeti plains through photos of animals and landscapes. It's sometimes the pits trying to put together sketches to be honest. I'm just not the type to jump in and start drawing - it really takes me a TON of time! Until I'm convinced that what I'm drawing has some legitimacy to it, it just ain't happening.'s me crossing my fingers that the most gorgeous African landscape for a teeny powder room setting will come to life today. Fingers and toes...oh, and when it's completed I'll probably post it on my other journal site, Mural Studio blog for anyone to check out.

I just finished a fantastic new penguin this morning too! He's quite nice and has a boyish look to him, though would be appreciated by many I think :o) I sure like him...he just needs a name, and photos, and then I'll post him in the shop - maybe later today.

And if I finish all these things...I can run over to the nursery at Orchard and buy teeny plants for my 'plants on the brain' planter heads! It'll be a sweet reward.