Cut Sew Felt

It's that time of year again...

So sorry to be away from posting so much these last few days! It's been a little nuts trying to get ready for the sales of the season. My first one is this Thursday in San Carlos - the IIDA Sale at Inside Source. It's such a fun event and I want to have LOTS of goodies. Scarves, plushes, brooches, cards...

I've got my studio all set up from my fun day of creating with my friend Karen. We had a super fun day! Got a bunch of work done, lots of chatting & catching up, then a quick trip to my favorite thrift shop, followed by a yummy homemade meal. We (me, Jared, & Karen) made apricot & almond stuffed chicken breasts (with a little help from Zannotto's), harvest grains blend (israeli cous cous, corn, carrots, & more good stuff mixed in), mashed roasted butternut squash, and a delicious reisling wine that we brought back from the Rhine Valley in Germany. For dessert, a scrumptious blood orange sorbet that was really amazing.

It was so great to see Karen again. We actually live pretty close to each other and should hang out more often. She and I were in the textiles department together at RISD and have lots of fun memories. Karen just opened shop at Esty actually! Her work is really unique and thoughtful and you'll love it so check it out! She brought a really sweet house warming gift and included one of her cards for me - it's from this print - I just love it & plan to put it in a little frame. Thanks Karen!

Karen worked on a gorgeous knit scarf for a lucky friend and a totally cute skirt for herself.

Phylo was a good boy and I think he really charmed Karen!

Gorgeous cinnamon orange tulips Karen brought. How I love tulips!! Did you know that they actually continue growing after being cut? I think that's fascinating. Tulips have so much personality.

So, I'm off to work on my flower brooches today!! I'll post some in my shop and will have pictures to share of course. But cross your fingers I sell most of them this Thursday! Have a lovely Tuesday everyone :o) xo, Devon