Wooly Flowers & African Plains

Wow, it's been forever since I last posted! I truthfully have such a hard time balancing my two work lives and I guess sometimes things unravel. I've been locked up in a teeny bathroom painting a lovely African scene with a Noah's ark worth of animals for the past week and I've had nothing on my mind except that. I'm always wishing I would split my brain up, or something. Because I get home so late from my client's house I'm pretty wiped and can just barely make dents in the custom orders I've had for the shop - but I'm almost done!! I'll be listing an adorable Millicent the owling clone later today :o) I don't know how some people balance things so amazingly...they need to teach me their proficient ways. Or, maybe they're just pretending - maybe it's not possible to be able to do so much in so little time. Who knows, I'm going to keep keeping on and will just do what I can!!

Oh, the IIDA boutique sale I was in on the 8th was terrific & many of my plushes, flowers, scarves, and prints found new homes. I had made several lovely new brooches and I just think they're so fun.

I'm back to my African mural on Monday and will hopefully finish that day - please cross your fingers!! Here's a sneak peek:

xo, Devon