In Honor of Mona

When I was sixteen my family adopted a German Shorthair Pointer puppy while we were in the states on summer vacation. She was teeny and had a million little brown spots on her white fur - just adorable - we named her Mona :o)

We brought her home to Panama and the fun began. We had a deep lot at the house with all sorts of trouble to get into. Every day was an adventure finding lizards and insects, and eating fruits off the trees (maranon, citrus, avocados...). Sometimes she would share, bringing avocados into the kitchen in her soft hunting dog mouth - never bruising the fruit. She was so sweet and affectionate and I just LOVED her.

When I left for college in '96, my parents sent me a framed paw print of hers to keep me company - I missed her so much.

In '97 my parents moved to Miami and Mona lost her humongous backyard but still had a decent place to play and still tons of lizards to catch! She had plenty of adventures with the busy lives my parents kept and a few years later moved with them to Okinawa (Japan).
Okinawa was a fun time for her with some ups and downs. Over two years ago she was bitten on the head by a deadly Habu snake. She somehow survived, losing a lot of tissue...but pulling through. It was obvious how strong her spirit was. Not to mention all the attention she got at the vet's office over the months of recovery. Everyone always loved Mona and she ate up all their affection.
Over the last couple months my parents told me Mona was eating less and seemed lethargic. She wasn't as into her walks and spent more time sleeping. My parents had her checked out and treated for various things, but she never got to the point of being her usual self. Over the past week it just got worse and my mom knew Mona was probably not going to make it. She was almost 13. Yesterday my mom sat with her at the vet's office and they gave her the drugs to shut down her system. She was already so out of it from a rough night of seizures (her kidneys were already shutting down). My dad has unfortunately been stuck in Costa Rica dealing with some property issues and couldn't be there. I felt so bad for my mom having to take care of it all by herself, and having to go home without Mona. Losing a member of your family is so painful...and dogs just don't live long enough - that's all I can say. I loved you so much Mona and will never forget your amazing spirit.