Four New Prints - Yay!!

Can you believe it?
4 new prints in my shop at once! :o)

"Lima the Giraffe" took a little while with all the pattern - so worth it though. I love this guy and how his red & white spots still stand out amidst everything else. I think Lima will revisit for sure...

"The Sea Nymph" - a slightly darker look from me but felt really great to paint. Her skirt is a bit like dahlia flower petals, yes?

"Dreamer"...pretty fab - the black paper makes all the colors and patterns pop beautifully. I keep looking at it - it has a ton of energy. I need to paint and dark surfaces more often.

"Bunny in the Lemon Grass" is a little darling. I painted it in gouache on a vintage style paper pattern and am smitten with him :o)

Happy to get these into the shop...Martha Stewart featured Etsy on her show today so hopefully more people will learn about the wonderful rabbit hole that it is!

Have a lovely weekend!