head over heels...& stalking the postman

This is a fabulous spread for Anna Maria Horner's new fabric line, the 'Drawing Room'. I'm so blown away, and SO inspired I nearly cried when I saw her new stuff. She's just a fabulous designer and it gives me hope that someday (soon?) I'll get back into textiles and will one day - maybe oh maybe!! - have my own fabric lines too.

Please check out her stuff - you'll be amazed!

I ordered two pieces of fabric yesterday - can't wait till they arrive!!...one for the baby's room curtains:

And a small piece of this for pillows in the baby's room:

I would really like one of these for the bathroom, but I'll know better once we actually FINISH the bathroom and get the wall color picked out, etc.

Speaking of, I need to get priming the bathroom...the paint fairies didn't visit us last night. And we've given up hope on the tiling fairies. They're lazy and haven't come by at all to help. Alas, we'll be tiling all weekend I'm afraid. Oh well :o)

OOh, and this is random but I'm looking all over for this little side table for our LR. It's from ikea and only $24! But...it may be an old product they don't have anymore. That would be a bummer, but I'm asking over at ikeafans to see what they think. Have YOU seen it?Have a very lovely day and stay cool if you're in the bay area like me - 97 is hot hot hot!! Usually I love the heat but it seems to be giving me more 'braxton hicks' contractions than I would prefer in a day. And, no, I'm not going into labor just yet. I had a talk with the baby last night and reminded her that she has at least 6 more weeks to simmer so she has to settle down in there :o)

xo, devon