Starting to panic, or at least a sense or urgency :o)

So the baby could arrive anywhere from the next 2 to 7 weeks...whew whew...must breathe!
I had this realization yesterday and I swear my blood pressure went through the roof. There's still way too much to do. I still haven't finished the tile in the bathroom, but at least we have a toilet now - hooray!! All thanks to Jared by the way - I take no credit for that fantastic milestone of the project.

Anyway, gotta go walk the Phylo dog (my first baby). He's been so patient as I've been gone all day.

Here are pics from after my two recent baby showers. I'll post more on those at some point and share some cute pics. We've got such lovely friends I tell you :o)

At 33 weeks

At 34 weeks (a few days ago...guess I'm technically in my 35th week)

xo, devon