Oh, Summer I love you

We've been eating more 'seasonally' this year and I tell ya, when you bite into the first locally grown organic (not to mention truly ripe) peach of the year after not having one since last summer you will totally flip! I experienced that yesterday :o)

And also yesterday...instead of finishing the paint scraping on the windows (because it was SOOO windy and the paint chips were flying all over the garden - not good)...we picked our cherries!!

Yep, and this year's harvest was not one,

...but two deliciously overflowing bowls of the sweetest jewel red cherries ever. Wish we could share - really!Ok, now I really must get going on bathroom stuff - tiling/painting - sigh, it's just not getting done by itself...I could just go eat cherries, but I think J counted them all before leaving ;o)

Have a great day!