the new normal and what it looks like

It's amazing that it's been 7 weeks since Mbird was born :o) Life is different and good at the same time...nights are definitely different than they used to be. But we're having fun times and enjoying summer and I'm getting geared up with my shop again.

I'm having a destash sale currently...lots of wildly colorful faux fur fabrics that are terrific for plushes or costume making, and tons of gorgeous soft merino wool rovings - everything is priced very affordable. I want all of it to find happy, creative new homes!

Over the weekend we made the most delicious pizza...oh! it was to die for. We followed directions for the dough and sauce from chef, Jamie Oliver's show 'Jamie at Home'. We had a piece of granite from a rolling kitchen island we were getting rid of and we cooked our pizzas on it - so cool!
Our little Mbird at 7 weeks - hanging happily after a nap :o)

Still working on the living room...I'm happy with the pillows I've been making, but still need to cover the ottoman properly and tweak things. The whole fireplance mantle and insert need to be addressed too - we're thinking of chipping out the old tile facing and removing the tile floor as well (it's very cracked and we can't find replacements for the original stuff). I'm thinking of something that still looks 'craftsman' - maybe ceramic tile in a greenish shade - what's that famous tile place across the GG bridge that's been around forever? Or maybe we'll go by Fireclay tile (it's so close!) or Stonelight tile (also close, and small/not mass produced).

Love this pic and had to share!! Sanguine is such a cool cat you know...she totally didn't mind Mbird lounging on her. It was Mbird that got tired of it, probably because we were laughing so hard :o)

xo, devon