Batch-O-Prints & Summery Summer

Can you believe we're halfway through August? I wish summer went on forever...these are 'minnesota midget' melons from our garden!

Here's our kitchen these days - full of sun and summer and peaches piled up:

The merino wool and fabric destash sale has been going swimmingly - thank you! I have only 3 parcels of wool left - who wants them?? Chocolate brown, apple red, and a heavenly lavender - check them out here. And for any of you plush monster makers, or costume sewing divas (Halloween is right around the corner!), check out all the faux fur fabrics (also in the destash section). I especially love the 'cookie monster' blue :o)

What's next? I'm finally making prints available from my late spring show, 'Glimmer of Wistful'. I really love these pieces and have been dying to find time to scan them and get them in the shop. I'll post them as I'm able to scan them (as Miranda allows me time at the computer I should say). 4 of them are just about ready - here's a peek:

'always dreaming, never doing'

'gingko the elephant'

'summer sky'


And over in babyland things are good - SO SO busy of course. I had no idea how attached at the hip Mbird and I would be. We love our little munchkin, and her smiles are melting us! My parents were just visiting and they got to experience the wonder of the Mbird grins :o)

Oh, and I have to share a couple of recent fabric faves (ya know I have quite a few more windows that need curtains...).

another etsuko furuya gem

How 'bout this for the sitting room? Gross huh?! What exactly would you use it for?

& I never tire of a nice woodgrain...

Have a fabulous summery day :o)
xo, devon