Big helping of Miranda Pie

Quite possibly the most Mbird-dense post ever :o)

Miranda and her Sigmund the duck plush. Sigmund was destined to join her plush collection before she was even conceived...Phylo got to him and removed an eye (he's normally so good about my stuff!). I couldn't get the poor ducky back together well enough to sell him, sooo Sigmund therefore became a part of our household. Thanks Phylo...

Taken this morning...and what a morning it's been let me tell you. Well, no, I'd rather not. Some things are better left in the past, or buried deep in your subconscious where they can visit you while you're trying to sleep at night. Am I digressing? I have to say she looks so stinkin' cute in this hat. It's easy to release the stress of her tired wails in my ears when I look at these pics - thank goodness! Cause sanity is all I have left and even that's wearing thin.

Oh, and those Haba toys are so wonderful...super cute and I love knowing that they're safe because they're in her mouth all the time these days. The other wood toy is by Selecta and is also from Germany. This morning as she was possibly going to nap (but didn't) she nailed herself right in the forehead with it. Wood toys can hurt a little, yikes. Needless to say, that woke her up even more!

My little gnome baby :o) Got her dressed in long sleeves and pants and hat and then realized it was going to be 85 degrees today. Gotta love it here - mid-October and balmy. She's in different clothes now - a change was necessary for other reasons...

Over the weekend we hung some cool mirrors and art in Jared's office (aka the 'everything' room) . I just love convex mirrors. Here he is with the Mbird in the ergo, taking in a convex view of things.

Sitting pretty on the setee in her bedroom. I'm almost done making pillows for that cozy spot. And the cut chenille coverlet was an excellent find at my favorite thrift - big enough to cover the whole cushion and only $7.

Tummy time :o)
That was a fun morning...

And oh my goodness, can you believe how big our girl is?? She is 4.5 months old and about 16lbs (I'm pretty sure - my back says yes). When Grandma Sandi was here, she started an adorable crochet sweater for Mbird (plus hat, booties, and scarf!). It came in the mail a little while ago, and...sadly...I had to stuff this chunky monkey into it like a sausage! She's growing so fast - yesterday I had her in 6-12 month clothes, and she was like, whew! thanks mama for not shoving me into such tiny stuff anymore. For real, look where those yellow striped pants come to! Hilarious :o)

Grandma Sandi, maybe you can make her another sweater?? It's really SO cute - those kitten buttons are unreal.

So scrumptious!! Love that girl :o)