Cozy etsy faves

It's warm here in San Jose, though I'm pretty sure this is the last of the real warmth before the chill hits. November always seems to have the coldest temps! Spring is the killer for me though - super gloomy with endless rain and gray skies...I try to have a good attitude about it every year. The best defense is just staying as busy as possible. That way you go about daily life and don't notice how crappy it is outside (just kidding, is it ever that crappy here??). But really, that's exactly how I got through 4 years in Providence!

But on to the coziest etsy faves...these are things you just want to snuggle into. October is so much fun :o)

yokoo's snuggler - gotta love this girl...she's a hoot. check out her flickr page as well - so fun

sweater pants by handmade pretties- gasp! these are so adorable!

spratters and jayne scarflette - so fun, and love her swallow tatoos!

wool longies by green way babywear - do these come in adult sizes??

charlie & theo by paperfox - coveted these guys for SO long...they've long since sold, but maybe she could make another just like them. they're just so huggable and ready to be napped with :o)

Time to call it a's been a LONG week, and an even LONGER day. But may I say that there are often not very nice people at whole foods? And that PG&E trucks shouldn't race each other down highway 17 and endanger ladies driving with babies? And that babies should be nice to their mamas and nurse happily and not stress their mamas out?? OK, enough said - I'm done for today!

xo, devon