Monkey Girl & Summer Veg

Miranda the monkey :o) Sweater from 'Outrageous Outgrowns' even has a little plush monkey sewn into the pocket - can't wait till she finds it.

Just wanted to share the goings on of the week. I had very minor surgery today for something that never quite healed (or healed too well maybe) after Miranda was born. I'll spare ya the details don't worry :o) Thankfully Jared was able to be here to watch the Bird and then took the rest of the day when we realized I probably wasn't in the best shape to watch her. She's 17 lbs now! She's so heavy! I also can't walk Phylo for a week...whinetastic. Hopefully Jared will pick up that slack too - I feel badly about it, but it is extreme squirrel season and he is one over enthusiastic dog.

I've been spending nearly every free moment getting ready for my first sale of the season next week. I won't have quite as much stuff as in the past but it's a pretty good spectrum of items. I think I'll be happy with my little collection of goods. I'll post pics as I have them as well as info about the event. It's a really great one and open to the public though it takes place within an interior design firm. And such lovely people too - I wouldn't miss it. In fact, it's only one of two sales I plan on doing through this December. Those, plus keeping up my shop is about all I can muster. But I am interviewing a baby sitter soon, so who knows the future holds!

Have a super lovely evening...I've got sewing and felting to dig my hands into :o)
xo, devon

Obliging me as I take photos - one of my favorite activities of the day.

And this is it...last of the summer veggies, plus one lone strawberry and two teeny charentais melons. Unfortunately the majority of the tomatoes were a variety labeled 'unique flavor' - I should have heeded the warning. Unique indeed, but not terrible in a sauce. Time to turn the beds and maybe plant in some legumes to enrich the soil. I've always wanted to do that!