trick or treat!

Have to share the classic of the season - Charlie Brown's, It's the Great Pumpkin :o) Enjoy!

And here are some perfectly spooky, orange & black, all dressed up Halloween Etsy faves:

We're winging it this year with Mbird - thinking we'll sit on the porch and pass out candy (nixing the industrial fog machine this time) until Miranda has had enough (probably by 7!) then turn off our light when she goes to sleep. A ribbon across the porch columns will probably help too. Those kids (you know, the ones that seem a little too old to be out, and aren't dressed up, and have sorry pillowcases for bags) always ring the bell even when the lights are out and it's after 9. I'm just happy we got the porch all cleaned up and our pumpkin lights out this year - that in itself was an accomplishment!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!
xo, devon