The big day + a semi big day

August the Owling Plush

Okay, operating on very little sleep here so expect a little rambling and some typos :o)

Wasn't the election SO exciting!?? I had tons of work to do that night but Jared and I stayed up and watched ABC news with the one and only Charlie Gibson. When Charlie got word the polls in the west coast had closed and he could call it, and he DID, we both had that moment of 'WOW!!' and hugged each other and I got tons of goose bumps. It feels very right - yes, not miraculous or that we have a 'savior' for this country now - just someone who can help and really do the best they can (which I think will be pretty darn good). Yay Barack Obama - we are so happy to have you as our 44th president! From the time I saw him while watching the DNC 4 years ago, I thought to myself, 'why isn't that guy running for president'? I suppose a lot of people felt that way too - and so it is :o)

My 'semi' big day/night is tonight. I have my sale at Inside Source and I've been chipping away at work for it for the past few weeks. Last night was the push to finish my labels and gather up the goods. I just know that anything could happen today with MBird and I didn't want to risk not being able to get anything else done but diaper changes and feeding! Life sure has changed! I have to say I think I'm more organized, and speedy, since Miranda has come into the picture. Yesterday I swung through Trader Joe's (with a very tired baby strapped on me) in less than an hour and got groceries for a whole week. No dawdling, no mulling over - just scanning the list, grabbing, and GO! Definitely a change from the old Devon...

I have such fun stuff for tonight - I'm very excited about 2 new things I've been working on :o) I will share photos of them later. They involve fabric, animals, painting, and plushes...! And I really got into making them, so they're probably a keeper and will go in my shop. For now I'll share these cuties who will be going with me tonight.

Lucinda the Penguin Plush

Viggo the Lapdog Plush

Scotia the Penguin Plush

Vespin the Owling Plush

Cross your fingers, and toes, that Miranda hangs in there with us tonight! We'll be smack in the middle of her bedtime when the event begins and we'll be there till probably 9pm. But there wasn't any other way to go around it. If ya can't eat from a bottle you gotta come with mama to the show...

Have a lovely day!!
xo, devon