Caroline and Mr. Figley

Caroline the sleepy owling plush will be making her way into the shop shortly - she's darling and I hope she gets picked up soon :o)

Mr. Figley the barn owl - yes, barn owl! - is going to his home in Willow Glen. A lovely someone ordered him from me. She also purchased a large swan painting from me a few years ago and it was great to hear from her, and hear that she wanted a barn owl plush. It's always fun to try something new. Barn owls are really amazing, and so mysterious looking. I made Figley a little sleepy, and ultra cute. I hope she loves him.

Oh yes, sleep is calling...Miranda has been tough to get to bed these past few days and by the time she goes down (hmm, 8:30pm tonight) I'm pretty done. Jared and I were saying we deserve medals every time we get her to sleep. Naps are tricky...bedtime is more reliable, but still not easy. She is getting really funny too - flirting with me, trying to catch my eyes and make me smile - it's nearly impossible to not look at her (but I'm still thinking - just go to sleep!). Tonight she babbled on and on while perched on my shoulder as I rocked back and forth on my toes. I can see her in the future, sitting in her crib talking to herself when she should be napping. We think she's going to be quite the chatterbox :o) It's too fun. Love that girl.

sweet dreams all!
xo, devon