sleepless night + etsy jewelry faves

Yep, not much sleep was had last night. I went to bed ridiculously late - well, I should say I almost got to bed ridiculously late. Miranda beat me to it, waking up 11:30pm & needing to nurse. So, no problem right? Happy to feed my little munchkin. But then again at 2am, then 3am...then 3:40am??? Ok, at that point it was come snuggle with me, but she just wasn't happy and barely snoozed between 4 & 6am, at which point Jared woke up - didya feel refreshed hon? ;o) We checked her diaper, gave her some burpy pats - nope and nope. It was nearly 7am and she was ready to get the day started! Jared took her and I buried my face in my pillow and had the weirdest dreams...oh my gosh - giant seals (like 30 feet long) in a river behind our house, one flopping up the stairs toward our back door and swallowing our cat! (I was able to rescue her and all was fine). There was a whole other host of weirdness, but I won't go into all of that.

I woke up to 'eh, eh's' and raspberry blowings and realized it was nearly 8am and Jared must have been able to put her down next to me before heading out to work. Now she's down for probably her typical length of nap - 45min - we shall see. What's this day going to be like because she slept so little?? I don't know! - I'll need to set up a coffee IV or think of something that both distracts Mbird and keeps me lively through the afternoon. Wish me luck...

Now for some of my favorite etsy jewels as of late (a couple of these items I have, the rest I would love to have!):

My friend in Argentina, Gabriella, has a gorgeous array of handmade items in her shop - India y la Luna (her daughter's name is India). I have a lovely pair of earrings she made and these are calling my name as well.

Awesome stacking rings by Kateszabone

'Fox in a Cage' wooden brooch by Pony Parade - love it

'Graceful' silver earrings by Gypsy Studio - I have these! They were a fabulous gift from a friend - absolutely love them and just about everything else in this shop!!

Check out this beauty - necklace by Pebble - I love the simple, elegant pieces she puts together - they have so much style and sophistication yet are really playful too...sigh, someday :o)

Okeydoke...time to get ready for the Bird!
Have a lovely Friday and weekend all...xo, devon