in the glen & etsy faves

Mbird and I had a lovely afternoon traipsing around the Glen today. After dropping off Mr. Figley the barn owling - he is now named Wes (cute) - at his new home, I popped my girl in the ergo and in short time we hit the ups drop off at long's, the post office in the theatre building, and the most magical new toy store that opened just weeks ago! I picked up a wonderful treat for Miranda (maybe it'll be her Christmas present - I don't think she'll know what to do with it till around then anyway!). Aren't they lovely??

Made in Germany and painted with safe plant dyes - nice, hardwearing wood that I won't mind her chewing on (cuz you know she will!). For endless entertainment - stacking, filling, etc. I love them myself - just think of how a 6 month old will feel about them :o)

I also picked up dinner from Taiwan...guilty pleasure. I've been devouring M. Pollan's, " The Omnivore's Dilemma" (while nursing - long story, for another time), as well as "Nourishing Traditions" cookbook (headspin!) and let me tell you that eating at Taiwan is probably not in keeping...but...oh...well. It was tasty and made our evening a tad bit easier to bring ready made food home. With that little bit 'o extra time we managed to squeeze in the new Indiana Jones movie - it was fun :o) Jared's on the fence about it, but I thought it was a good time.

Now on to just a couple of etsy faves...just about out of Friday here:

Blue Ticking Treasure Pocket Pants

All of these shops have lots more goodies than what I just showed - check 'em out :o)

night, devon