well, it's a done deal then!

Now, I've been pretty blatant with everyone (even my dad - especially my dad!) that I'm voting for Barack Obama. He's the obvious choice for me when it comes to the majority of issues our country is facing. But I've never known how he felt about a couple of different things that I'm personally passionate about. I just read something that I have to share - and I'm pinching myself that this guy is going to become president!!

On the issue of factory farming and all the implications (please read Michael Pollan's 'The Omnivore's Dilemma' - a great book and highly enlightening) Obama has said this (as told to animal activist Nikki Benoit in an interview):

His response included an admission that our infrastructure needs fixing, and that subsidies need to be taken away from large scale animal ag, helping small family farms. He acknowledged that our health care crises needs to incorporate preventative measures, including more fresh vegetables and fruit. He also said schools need more of these items versus pre-packaged food and meat products. And of course, he pointed the finger at China and India and that their new diet [which is mimicking ours] needs to be changed.”

It's a huge can of worms to open and deal with - the farm bill has actually just passed and only comes up every four years. You can be assured those lobbyists work really hard in all that time between. But maybe Obama can do something about it. I'm just glad to know he cares.

He also cares about something else near and dear to my heart. I just heard that he and his family adopted a rescue dog! Be still my heart!! You can read more about it here. It's very sweet and I'm just happy that there is another dog out of the shelter and in a good home. Both Phylo and Sanguine are from rescue groups and it's an awesome feeling that we could give them a better life - they give us way more in return.

Have a great night all!
xo, devon