New Owlings & A Darling Bird

The newest owlings have flown in to the shop :o) Got them designed and sewn up in record time - who knew having a baby could make me a better, more efficient little worker?? It really has. Though, it may also have to do with not watching tv anymore, or spending as much time on the computer, but, hey, all that matters is that we're having the best time ever and getting work done - perfectable! (as Jared's dad says - he actually means perfect, not 'able to be perfected' - we say it all the time now as it sounds cute :o)

Anyway, please meet:
Lily the sleepy owling plush (who has already found a home!)

Tree the owling plush (definitely not sleepy eh?)

Caliope the sleepy owling plush (the same Anna Maria Horner fabric - I abandoned the idea of using it for Mbird's curtains. Wait'll you see how much color/pattern is in there already, then you'll understand)

Sascha the sleepy owling plush (hee hee, the same fabric as my dining room curtains...and if she isn't adopted soon she will be joining my, I mean Miranda's, plush collection!)

And here are some of the latest pics of our girl...and a lil' sneak peek into her unfinished bedroom:
The mural is only maybe 60% completed...I've been focusing so much on my shop and sales and other life stuff that I've slacked off the mural. Plus all we've been using the room for is diaper changing, so I haven't felt the need to pull it together yet. Miranda is starting to sleep longer in her crib (next to our bed) so the day may be coming for me to get reaquainted with her bedroom and get it finished. I'm oh-so-excited to show you the 'after' pictures someday soon! Motivation!

This was such a fun was last Friday - sunny and warm out and since it was Friday and nearing weekend, I was all giddy and felt more free to just hang out and do whatever. I found this adorable outfit for Mbird at Outrageous Outgrowns sale before she was even born. It's like a sort of sailor suit, made in France, and has a little handsewn tag on it that reads 'confetti'. So very cute on her - I took lots of pics. It most likely will not fit her by the time it's that warm again. Did I mention she's like 18lbs and not even 5 and a half months old?? I thought she would be wearing this in Spring or Summer of '09!

One of my new favorites of the Bird...she really is such a happy kid :o) We feel so blessed to have her.

Have a lovely Thursday all...I'm off to felt scarves!!
xo, devon