happy thanksgiving all :o)

Jared arrived in Frankfurt yesterday and made his way to Aachen...today he went racing at an indoor kart race center. After some jet lagged sleep he'll have to start getting down to work...I recommend lots of coffee, and a supply of salty pretzels!

Hello there! I've been absent the last few days, but with sorta decent reasons. I've been working on felted scarf orders, helping Jared get ready to leave for Germany for work (he left yesterday), getting Jared's mom set up in my studio/guest house (she arrived Friday), and a myriad of other callings including just being mama to Miranda :o)

And it goes on, so I'll be back in a few days...got to finish those orders! Then drop off product at shops/events for the upcoming Christmas sales. Then plan and shop for our Thanksgiving meal (Jared gets in Wednesday, as does his dad) and then just enjoy family for the rest of the week/weekend. I wish you all good times with your family and friends - Happy Thanksgiving to you all! :o)

xo, devon

Huge, gorgeous, and OLD cathedral in the heart of Aachen

Little bird on a sculpture in the main square in Aachen

Nobis Cafe in Aachen - the best medicine for jet lag :o)