And what a week it was :o)

t was a totally lovely Thanksgiving day (and week) for us here - hope yours was memorable and marked with great times as well :o)

Jared's mom arrived Friday to help me out while Jared would be in Germany for work. Jared left Saturday morning. He got in a few last snuggles with the Bird before heading out.

Sandi and I had a fun few days on our own :o) She and Miranda warmed up to each other and began a neat little relationship. Sandi was always available for playtime, we went for long walks, and had a terrific afternoon in Palo Alto one day when I had to drop off product at a shop. The ride home from Palo Alto was another we'd probably rather forget!

On Wednesday Jared's dad arrived, then Jared! I missed him so much, it was such a relief that he was able to get back on time and not be delayed by the work project, or any airline/weather holdups. After happy hello's and hugs we got down to business and headed out to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods with lists in hand. Apparently we got the last turkey at TJ's! :o)

Here's some pics from the week...

We did lots of this:

Hanging around the kitchen doing 'stuff' on the iphone (I'm the only one who doesn't have one so I get to make fun of them and their unnatural appendage-like connection to the things).

And plenty of this:

Menu for the day was Turkey (roasted, with butter), oven roasted veggies (sweet potatoes, red potatoes, parsnips, butternut squash, and sweet carrots), pecan cornbread stuffing, my special cranberry sauce, pickled watermelon (from Sandi - yum!), challah rolls, and for dessert pumpkin cream pie and chocolate pecan pie (to die for...).

We enjoyed lots of this:

And had funny moments like this:

We started some of this:

Wouldn't you like to lose a side of your house? It's actually our laundry room getting a lil' makeover. We moved the laundry hookups and plan to replace windows and the screen door with a french door. The open space you see in the pic is now (just freshly done before this blog post!) a solid wall - all framed out and ready for stucco on the outside, and all drywalled, primed, and ready for paint on the inside (during Mbird's first nap tomorrow hopefully). Doesn't every one tackle home improvement projects over Thanksgiving?? :o)

And ended our week with more to smile about than when it began:

Alas, it all has to come to an end right? It's back to work and such, but it's okay :o) I've got lots of fun things cooking for the shop and I've definitely got my hands full with Mbird and finishing the laundry room and getting started on scarf orders. And besides, Christmas break is right around the corner! :o)

xo, devon