100 Millicents

Just got these cuties delivered from the printer and I love 'em! They're 'thank you' postcards for YOU when you purchase something from my shop :o) On the front is my 'Millicent in the Citrus Garden' print with my logo and the back carries an appreciative note. Shoot, you could even trim off my logo and frame little Millicent on his own - not that you would, but you could :o)

Now I'm off to clean up the laundry space (and do awfully huge loads of laundry...later), continue working on my new gocco print (check the shop soon - thinking of doing limited edition frameable postcards, and finishing some little pen & ink (luma dye - yummy) originals. Tomorrow I'm going headlong into dotty scarf felting (cross your fingers for more good naps from you know who!).

Have a lovely day of course!
xo, devon