Santas and Snowmen and Bears, Oh My!

image by emily shu via flickr

I've been taking long walks at dusk lately with Miranda and Phylo. It's a lovely time to be out for a walk - for many reasons. First, naps are over for the Bird and I'm sometimes out of ideas for entertainment - she loves being outside and on walks so it's perfect for her. Second, the resident neighborhood squirrels (and there are TONS of them) are mostly tucked away in their trees which means a much more peaceful walk. Poor Phylo's nose has been on high alert these days as it's the 'gathering' season (you wouldn't believe all the holes the squirrels have dug in my veggie beds and pots!). And after a while I get tired of all the looks from people thinking I'm abusing my dog as he erupts in high pitch yelps. I tell you, I have no more embarrasment bone left in me - Miranda can do whatever she wants - our lil' hound has already fulfilled it.

But what I'm loving these days is all the change in light - the darkening of the days (which I normally complain about), the gorgeous sunsets - lots of pink skies lately, and the growing number of houses that are all decked out in Christmas lights. Every evening there's another handful of houses to admire - some super pretty and well thought out, and others well, you know, they have great intentions! I'm typically not a fan of the big air inflated santas and other creatures (someone around here had a huge inflated turkey during Thanksgiving week!), but last night I saw a house with 3 huge figures that were doing their little air dance and thought Mbird would love to look at them.

The figures were sort of eerily bobbing up and down - they were probably 6' tall or more each. There was a Santa, a snowman, and a teddy bear type creature, and as they rose they would illuminate and you'd hear the soft whoosh of air push them upward. Then the light would fade and they'd bow toward the ground again. They were on different timing so there was quite a play of dancing and lighting up and whooshing sounds. I thought, too fun! - she'll love this! As we approached, Miranda started to take them in and stared at the big Santa as he stood up and filled with light and air, then flopped back over, then watched the snowman go next. It was so cute! About then was when I heard a strange non-whooshing sound - more like a soft grrrrrr.....! Then more grrrrrrr's....., and then I felt Phylo pressing his body against my leg. I looked down at him and all his fur was standing on end, his eyes intently focused on the huge bowing Santa in front of us. Grrrrrrrwoowooowooo!!! Grrrwooowooowooof!! The poor guy has apparently never seen a 6 foot tall air filled Santa before! It was hilarious...Miranda lost all interest in the lawn figures and just stared at Phylo as he began to dance nervously around, woofing, and growling, and looking at me all concerned. As we moved away from the house and toward home he continued to glance behind him, 'grrrhuff'!, hair still on end. I wonder if he thought the Santa was going to follow him home? :o)

So today is another felting work day for me...and Mbird just woke from a really short nap. I wonder how she'll feel about watching me felt all day while in the ergo or moby. I've got to try it at least. And I'd better finish this and go get her - she's still talking happily to her mobile and her bunny Aachen but it only lasts so long!

A lovely Thursday to you & hope you can get out for an early evening walk too - it's worth it! :o)
xo, devon