tagged, plus etsy friday

'the tree climber' - detail of the print in my shop

I was tagged by Laura. Here are 7 random things about me:

1) I open and close all the curtains in the house every morning and evening. Phylo usually tags along and peeks out the windows, and nowadays I carry Mbird along with my routine, too. There's just something that feels right about opening and closing curtains at the beginning and end of a day.

2) I could happily live off fruit. I especially miss the fruit I grew up with in Panama - mangoes, roseapples, papaya, bananas, pineapple, monkey plums, guinups, oh my gosh my mouth is already watering and it's stinkin' December with no fruit around!! I think it's ironic that we bought a house with practically an orchard in the back. We had to lose the persimmon tree and a pear tree, but kept two apple trees (grafted with multiple varieties), a huge apricot tree, an orange tree, an avocado (that produces maybe 2 a year!), and a fig. We brought with us a lime, lemon, and dwarf peach tree. Oh, we have a very large cherry tree too - fabulous cherries!! Okay, enough about fruit - sorry.

3) As a kid I wanted to be many things 'when I grew up'. It started off as a 'little boy who climbs coconut trees' (obviously something I must have seen??), then a milkman (hmm), then a veterinarian (which stuck till early high school), then I wanted to major in creative writing and 'do something' with that, and finally in my senior year of high school while applying to colleges it struck me that I should pursue art. For some reason I had overlooked that I was good at it and enjoyed it and that there were several other professional artists in the family. Sort of a 'duh!' moment for me actually :o) When I got accepted into RISD, I fully committed - which now, thinking about it, I can't imagine not being an artist and making stuff.

4) My favorite colors of late are blue-green (not quite aqua and not quite turquoise, but with a bit of gray mixed in), chocolate brown, yellow ochre, and rusty barn red. I'm dreaming of painting our house with some combo of these colors.

5) My best friend from when I was 9 years old set me and Jared up during our senior year of high school. She let on that I may be interested in him while he was dropping her off after school at her house and I was standing on her doorstep (we lived next door to each other and only a block from school - why she needed a ride home I don't know...lazy). I saw Lucy turn to Jared and say something, then he looked at me with this stunned expression. I had a feeling what was going on and I'm sure I turned beet red. I remember thinking I'm going to kill you Lucy! But then it quickly became thanks Lucy!! :o) We've been together for over 12 years now. :o)

6) My mood is directly connected to the sun...when it's cloudy out I tend to be a grump, or at least less motivated.

7) I'm a huge NPR junkie! While working I have the radio on constantly, or I play podcasts from my computer. I'm sure Miranda will eventually find the 'off' button on my radio or will want to listen to other things, though I'm secretly hoping she likes it :o)

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OkAy...just a teensy quick etsy friday love for ya... :o)

Mohop cherry wedges (can you believe these shoes???)

xo, devon