happy day

We had a rough-ish weekend...Miranda went on a sort of nursing strike, there was stormy cold weather (read: unmotivating for projects, etc., weather), and the time just seemed to slip away from us. Happily I got my scarf order done - Kaelee, your scarf is on its way! :o) And we managed to get to Lowe's to check out doors and windows for our laundry room reno.

But you should have seen us Sunday night...we had just gotten home from Lowe's/Whole Foods (WF's burritos are the best quick dinner! - way better than deliver pizza) and Miranda hadn't nursed for hours... I was a bit of a wreck about it at that point. I had held it together all day, but was starting to crack, and I sure was getting uncomfortable! I pumped while eating my burrito with one hand, and Jared scarfed his down (have you ever seen this guy eat??). Then we descended on Mbird like two real bird parents - shoving bottles and sippy cups and spoons into her mouth. She was SO hungry! We'd pull the sippy away and she'd flail her arms for more, more, more! She's never taken a bottle so it was quite the drawn out process...Jared sqeezing the sippy to squirt milk in her mouth, me spooning milk as carefully as possible with most of it dripping down her shirt. We just kept going & going until she settled down and wanted her toys again. We felt so much better knowing she had something in her stomach. I don't know exactly what pushed her into the 'strike' but it could be many things - teeth coming in, her recent immunizations, having just moved into her room for the first time on Saturday, me being gone for part of the day, really, too many things. She's been so much better today thank goodness, and hopefully the nursing will stay on track. I'm shootin' for a year, but days like the last two make it seem like a tall order!

Jared popped in today for lunch and to drop off a Home Depot haul of goods for the laundry room. A half hour lunch with Jared is like a shot of adrenaline you didn't know you needed :o) Mbird received countless tickles and 'barrel rolls' and Phylo got chased all over the backyard (and loved every second of it), and we unloaded 16 2x4 studs, and our future back door (single french blank - needs primer, paint, hardware, door jambs, and everything else needed to hang a door. No, we don't seem to do anything the easy way!!).

I generally think Mondays are pretty great most of the time - they have so much promise and I typically can squeeze a lot into the day (or so it seems). Speaking of, I better get to the finishing work on my scarf orders. They're not needle felting themselves unfortunately.

Here's a shot from last week with what I finally resorted to in order to get some work done:

Yes, that's a little bit of a pout. And it was a good 30 minutes of blissful felting to the sounds of the "rainforest" ;o)

xo, devon