joining the farm

Plums from Live Earth Farm

Yesterday we officially joined the Live Earth Farm CSA (consumer supported agriculture). I actually signed up on the wait list (yes, there is always a wait list now!) back in October. The farm is in Watsonville, and it's completely organic. I'm beyond excited!! :o) I'm happy too that I don't feel like I dragged Jared into this - he seems pretty cool about the whole thing. Basically it's $31/week for 33 weeks, plus a little more because we'll be getting a half dozen pastured eggs (much better than those supposed 'free range eggs') every week too. That means there'll be no more buying random produce at the grocery store - we'll be getting everything from Farmer Tom from Watsonville. It still seems pricey, no? The thing is, we've come to realize that cheap food isn't really all that cheap and paying more for good, organic, sustainably raised food is a huge step in the direction of taking responsibility for our resources.

What our fruits and veg will come in - we're getting the larger sized box on the right

I don't think I've mentioned this before but last August on our way to the beach we were driving through acres of farmland - lots and lots of strawberries. Strawberries - yum! - right?? We'd already heard how strawberries are super highly treated with pesticides and had been eating organic berries for a year plus (which look/smell/taste remarkably better). But then, as we were making our way down the last couple straights before the coast we saw them actually applying the pesticides! Well, we ended up driving right through their pesticides... There was a farm worker on a tractor, completely suited up in a haz-mat suit with a respirator and he was chugging along soaking the ripe strawberry fields. There were clouds of pesticide floating all over the field and across the road. It was SO gross. To think that we're expected to eat fruit that has been coated in a substance too dangerous to even expose your skin to is pretty ridiculous. I simply don't see why this is OK.
A pretty shot of the farm in Watsonville (all the farm/fruit pics are from the LEF website)

And because of this and other observations, we've decided it's better for us to buy organic whenever possible. And we're fortunate enough to have access to this CSA. It starts in April, with strawberries :o) - and leeks, and garlics, lettuces, etc., and runs through November where it'll finish with pumpkins, potatoes, winter squash, etc. They also provide tons of recipes, a newsletter with what's up on the farm, and some fun activities that I'm sure we'll look into now with our Bird. Too bad we have to wait till April!

The wood fired oven they built at the farm...we're planning one for our own backyard as well! Currently reading 'build your own earth oven' and 'the ultimate wood-fired oven book'.

Last night we were hit with pretty low temps and awoke to a frosty looking garden out our bedroom window. It's not felting weather, nor is it a good time to prime and paint doors, but I have both those things on my agenda. Hope that sun keeps on shining.

Our own little strawberry patch, coated with a sprinkling of frost this morning

Have a lovely day everyone :o)
xo, devon

ps: This morning while I was pouring coffee and making oatmeal, I turned around to find a panicked and quite upset Mbird with one of her wood toys stuck completely in her mouth!! I popped it out and gave her this little sun plush. Geez, now I see why nearly all toys need supervision with babies!