sweetest time of year

Literally. We did our part last night and whipped up a bounty of buttery, sugary treats - coconut/pecan, red sugar sprinkled, dark chocolate and choc. covered espresso bean thumbprints, and jimmy sprinkled 'pretzels'. It was fun to bake with Jared :o) We stayed up a bit late and are totally wiped today because it wasn't a great sleep night for the Bird (she never gives us a memo ahead of time so we can expect it).

But we must keep on keeping on :o) There's felting to do (in 40 degree weather, oh yay!), packages to wrap and ship, some major clean up around here, then packing and getting ready for our trip to Texas for Christmas (Jared's parents). Please send good thoughts our way...never flown with a baby before and I'm already nervous! It's insane how much stuff we have to bring!

Have a sugary sprinkled day with a chocolate chip on top :o)
xo, devon