to the lone star state + see you soon

they are as soft as they look :o) i'm tempted to make a blanket out of this wool, though i'd surely be cursing the whole long way

We're starting to wrap things up around here at the homestead and devon industry cottage...time to switch gears and attempt to relax a little :o) I do find that hard to do most of the time.

a very satisfying stack of dotty scarves - whew!

And before we can do any of that, we have loads to accomplish including getting a jump start on the rest of our laundry/mudroom/back entrance (are we really doing this Jared?), finishing up the Christmas presents I've been making, planning and packing for our flight/week away, getting Phylo ready for his stay at the 'mart, and seemingly a gazillion other things that surely can't all be accomplished in just a couple of days.

'when times are tough, stay close' gocco prints - in the shop in '09

'when times are tough, stay close', detail

I officially think we're a little nuts to be working on another house project right now, with it pouring rain (and much more on the way) and with so much else to do. There, I've said it - I would really like to ditch the projects, sleep in, and make pancakes. Pretty please??

Before signing out till the New Year (I may pop in before then...), here's just a few etsy faves to leave you with (it is Friday).

And thank you to everyone who purchased items from my shop in 2008 - you are so wonderful and I very much appreciate your support!!!

etsy faves of the week:

See you in 2009 :o)
xo, devon