I'm happy to be back here posting again! It was a great break...not exactly restful, but fun & productive - that sort of equates to rest these days :o)

There were some ups & downs too - a great week+ in Cedar Hill, Texas, with Jared's family was a great time. We got to share our little Bird with everyone, ate yummy food (maybe too much!), played lots of frisbee golf, and I learned how to crochet a granny square (will share my almost complete granny square blanket soon!).

When we returned we found that poor Phylo had spent his week at the Petsmart hotel somewhat neglected. His bed and blanket were completely soaked with pee and he was so very unhappy :o( We picked him up straight from the airport and gave him a bath immediately, then tried to figure out what happened. I'm waiting to hear back from the managers at Petsmart. After talking to them yesterday I think he wasn't let out often enough - it makes me so sad to think of him sitting in his little cubicle on a wet bed :o( He has just gotten back to his normal perky we have to figure out a plan for the next time we travel (April for my brother's wedding...just around the corner really). We don't plan to leave him there again. I'm just not sure if he's mature enough to stay here at the house and have a dog sitter walk him twice a day. We may need to test it out over a weekend sometime soon.

Since being back Jared and I have been going over what you might call resolutions. They seem to lean toward organization and doing more with less, more productivity (on my end, toward my business), finishing projects (like painting the trim in our house before our Bird becomes a crawler...) & planning out our backyard space, and of course exercise. I haven't had an exercise routine besides daily walks since before Miranda was born and I'm ready for a change!

I need to get our ideas down on paper and then we'll have a concrete reminder of our goals for the year. We actually got the kitchen decently organized over the weekend, and our laundry room is starting to take shape. Jared worked SO hard...pretty soon we'll get the windows in, and the door, and it's going to be totally gorgeous & super functional. And then I'll have the delightful task of picking out fabrics and making curtains for the space :o) I've been eyeing Joel Dewberry's Ginseng collection.

For to work on laundry, find a retractable clothesline (one of our resolutions - start drying our laundry on the line), pick up stretcher bars and canvas for a painting commission, and pick somewhere fun to take Miranda for a walk. I'm thinking of this place.

Japanese Friendship Garden - photo via flickr by jeremiah owyang

Have a lovely Tuesday and Happy 2009 :o)
xo, devon