Blog Woes + Etsy Faves case you haven't noticed, I've been working on my little blogosphere. Unfortunately Blogger and I are not getting along very well and the current look is not what I'm going for - though I suppose you already know that (I sure hope you do!).

I'm telling ya - I'm THIS close to switching to Typepad. I have to see what the pros and cons of each are and then I'll decide. There are amazing blogs I read often that use both Blogger or Typepadbut I haven't seen a clear favorite yet. Maybe it's like a Mac vs. a PC...I've been getting along just fine with my little Dell laptop but would totally love to upgrade to a Mac at some point. Maybe Blogger is to PC as Typepad is to Mac? That's probably a stretch. Anyway, until I figure it out I'll just have to put up with the crazy mess that is my blog. In it's ugly pants and ill-fitting shoes - like the kind of person you see out and about and you think 'whoa! did they even look at themselves before they left the house this morning??'. Can you tell that I'm very embarrassed that my blog looks like crap right now? :o(

I do have etsy faves this morning though!
At least something is normal and going right :o) (Not even going to go into our own personal health over here - Miranda teething, Jared with itchy bites, and me with extreme nipple pain - oh, did I say that?)

Anyway, here's the etsy love:

Wool baby slippers by Wooly Baby
Recycled wool sweaters put to excellent use. Too bad they don't come in adult sizes - don't they look snuggly? And how about that little sheep on the sole - so cute :o)

Hipster pants by little girl Pearl
LOVING this shop - such beautiful, quality clothing and a very talented designer. I see a bright future for Melissa and her fabulous clothes! I so want to meet you someday!!

Zinnia Path fabric - Paula Prass for Michael Miller
Very pretty new fabric under the Michael Miller line - lots more to see at this shop too - love Fabric Worm.

Maxi Monster Cushion by Scrumptious Delight
Oh my gosh, everything at this shop is so stinking adorable!

Safety Pants - CPSIA compliant - by Whole Mother (for a good laugh, you HAVE to check this out!)

And if you'd like to learn more about the whole CPSIA debacle which is threatening the extinction of nearly all small businesses producing baby and children's products please visit here and here.

Have a great Friday :o) Think pretty thoughts for my blog...I'm going to keep trying to fix things on it over the weekend, as well as do my biz taxes (ugh), and continue our work on the laundry room (this weekend it's exterior trim & priming & maybe working on flooring as well).

xo, devon