It's a matter of priorities

Okay, so the blog still looks crappy...

But oh well, it's third or fourth (or probably fifth) in line to other things that are screaming my name:

•State biz taxes (I will be working on these tonight! Last night I went to the gym instead but at least I was out doing something worthwhile right?)

•Logo for my sister-in-law's fledgling film company

•Painting commission for my mother-in-law (ironically of my sister-in-law)

•Finishing up the studio organization so I can finally take on my (most patient) client's mural project that should have been started yesterday

But of course, I have thus far not done any of these things and instead have been taking lots of pictures of Miranda & building terrariums :o)

baby safety - we don't babyproof the house, just the kid

just getting cuter-and more cheeky-every day

little moss world in an apothecary jar

I should have better luck keeping these alive - they need water only every couple of weeks and prefer the kind of light our house has plenty of. The moss I collected from a driveway in my neighborhood using a paint scraper. I was relieved no one saw me! The little frog came from a beautiful potted bonsai of my dad's - it unfortunately was the only thing that survived (not my dad's fault - we brought the bonsai here from Florida and it just couldn't take our weather).

Have a lovely day all :o)
Wish me luck with those taxes!!
xo, devon