Free Food

The rain just keeps pouring around here, it's amazing we don't have a water park in the back yard by now.

One thing I can't complain about is the rain is definitely bringing us spring. And fruit! Our cherry tree is full of buds, the huge (oops, forgot to prune this year) apricot tree's branches are blushing pink, the avocado is once again looking out of control with flowers (though there are only 3 avocados on there - we'll enjoy every one!). The fig tree has sent out its pointy shoots, and the apple trees are reminding us that we better move them now or just forget about it till the fall.

The most prolific one of all is our orange tree. It anchors the back corner of our garden and hangs fruit laden branches high and low for us and our neighbor (who never seems to pick any). Over the weekend I used the long fruit picker and overflowed a tin bucket (Mbird was enthralled watching from the ergo on my back).

42 juicy & fragrant beauties...and just a teeny dent in the tree unfortunately. We can't possibly eat them all...ya want some oranges?! Wish I had the time to make marmalade or something (of course I'd have to like marmalade first). For now we're just eating oranges left and right...for breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit salads, as juice, etc. They're just fabulous, and we didn't pay a cent for them which is all the sweeter :o)

Have a lovely, if rainy or cold or sleety or whatever you're having, Tuesday!
xo, devon