What Chubby Hands Love

Ribbons & more ribbons!...wool felts, rayon velvets, cotton florals, thick grosgrains, smooth acetates, chunky alpaca.

I sewed this for Miranda yesterday and it's been a hit so far :o) I had originally planned to use the Anna Maria Horner fabric for the Bird's curtains but as her room was coming together realized it would be too busy. But it's just such a lovely fabric that I couldn't part with it and have instead been using a little piece here, little piece there.

I won't be making these to sell, but should whip up a few for presents. Right now I've just been stocking and selling prints of my paintings, with plans to get some small affordable originals in the shop too. Oh, and I never showed off those gocco prints/cards that I printed up before Christmas either! I'm way behind, as usual...only so many hours in a day.

Until the studio is intact and organized (aka all the unecessary crap is removed) I know I won't be zipping along productively - plus it's about 40 degrees in there!! I've been working at night getting my 'project board' put together. It's two huge sheets of sound deadening board (an alternative to homasote - cheaper and I hope I don't regret it), gessoed and wrapped in cotton batting, then screwed directly to the wall. The batting allows fabrics to stick to the surface without pins (perfect for laying out patterns, etc.), yet the board itself is soft and can act as a pin board if you need to tack things up - like the mural I'm currently commissioned for which is on canvas. Tonight Jared's going to help me get the behemouth on the wall - so excited!!

Oh, here's just a few of my favorites from the best place to shop on planet Earth...

Big Love Bowl by Prince Design UK
(this one has sold but there are tiny bowls & plates available too!)

Vintage Animal Figurines from Blue Bell Bazaar
(At some point I'll give you a house tour and will show you my fabulous collection of animals - bookends, decorative figures, sake holders, ink dispensers - 90% of them have come from my antique collecting parents and they are treasures to me!)

Lizzy Dish Fabrics from Fabric Worm
(LOVING this new collection of fabrics from Elizabeth House - I'm forseeing new towels for the kitchen, and the knife pattern would make a fab tablecloth right?)

Have a beautiful Friday whatever you're up to!
xo, devon