I swear I'm not a hermit crab

It's been a really long time since I last posted! It's hard to not be caught up in all the busy moments of l.i.f.e these days. But I thought I needed to check in and tell ya that I'm still alive and just more than a little overwhelmed by all the things needing to be done, yet wanting to play at the same time ;o)

Yesterday we played - had friends over for most of the day. Homemade bread, blueberry pie, pinot noir from Russian River, citrus salad with oranges from our tree...lots of conversation and playing with the Bird (who loved every bit of it - social butterfly in the making). Amazingly, the friend who visited yesterday with his sweet girlfriend is someone I've known since I was 7 years old (maybe even longer) - that's over 23 years! We met in second grade in Panama and have always kept in touch, but we hadn't hung out in nearly a decade. It was so lovely - we won't let another 10 years go by - at least not while they're living in SF!

I finished up the film logo for my awesome sister (well, Jared's sister actually but I claim her as mine too!) who is still riding the waves of the far Pacific filming for a project funded by a billionaire. I love how the flying fish came out, colors are still up in the air...that will get worked out soon.

I've started a new painting commission as well. It's a challenge and oh so fun at the same time. I'm soaking up all things French Impressionism - especially Berthe Morisot. I wish I could talk to Berthe Morisot and ask her about life - she seems so fascinating...I love that other artists painted her too - with her palette and smock and hair tied up.

And I'm working on little illustrations...ones that I see potential for on fabrics. Yes, one small step toward my goal of a line of fabrics for this year. I WILL do it, must persevere, must not be afraid of coming up short - what can I do but try right?? I'm tired of being so anxious of failing or wondering if what I'm doing is 'good' enough, or 'new' enough, or 'charming' enough, or 'whatever' enough. I'm trying to quiet those voices and JUST PAINT...then before I know it there will be armloads of work I can play with for patterns. Keep it simple...take a deep breath. Can you tell this whole thing makes my heart beat too fast? I think I'm putting a lot of stock into this...best to not think about it too much - yes, maybe, probably so :o)

We're leaving for Florida in a couple of weeks...my brother is getting married! We're so happy for him and his fiance. In preparation (besides packing for a small child which is quite the task), we need to press some 150+ vintage napkins for the wedding reception. I scored a bevy of beauties on ebay (some are handmade and from the 1940's) and they will also need to fit in with our stuff for the coast to coast flight. Darn those weight restrictions!

So...here goes Monday...another deep breath...time to get painting :o)

Hope your day is full of inspiration and energy from the lovely Spring that's all around - enjoy!

xo, devon