Studio snips & A little humility

Quick post today...gotta get out in the studio and finish sketches for a mural client. They're going well and I've got that renewed excitement for the job that I was desperately hoping would arrive any day! ;o)

Thought you might enjoy a few pics of where I work, as it's coming together. Haven't finished all the wall paint yet, nor the curtains, but I am absolutely loving the space - and loving the freedom to do whatever I want out there and not worry about, really, anything (why I worry stuff like that in the house I don't know...). Perhaps what I put together out in the studio (and in the Bird's room) will help me throw caution to the wind and just go nuts in our little casa (this means murals of course!) :o)

Oh, and yes, it IS messy - I know! But it's got lots o' potential right??

'Rabbit in the clouds' - little gouache illustration I snuck in last week.

'Candied Cottage in the Woods', gouache on watercolor paper - this paper is almost edible it's so nice!

And a dear sweet 'Penguin' I love my penguins. This guys is quite adorable if I say so myself :o)

Oh, but now to the 'humility' part of my post...yes, humility is important in life, and it's redeeming for our character to admit when we've screwed up right? Well here's a laugh for you at my expense:

My poor sister-in-law, Steph, painted with a head 3 sizes too big. And no, I don't think she has a puffed up personality worthy of painting a swelled head ;o)'s a rookie mistake that I should have known better about.

I've been working on my fabulous drafting table (found at flea market, then beautifully reassembled and finished, then gifted from my lovely dad on my 21st birthday). However, with a canvas this large, working flat on a tall table is just not a good idea! But I continued merrily along sketching out where I thought Steph should sit in the piece, thinking, hmmm, her head's looking a little large, or maybe her shoulders are a bit small. Then every couple of minutes saying, 'Miranda, could you please stop eating those leaves? And where did you get those leaves??', or 'Miranda, could you please come over this way and stop messing with the electrical cords?' (are you thinking by now that my studio isn't babyproofed??)...geez. So I guess it shouldn't have surprised me when it was time to go in and I propped the painting on my pinboard to check it out...and just had to laugh at myself. It's a good thing it's just paint. If you guys are reading this, hope you're getting a good giggle Steph :o) And hope you still want me to paint this for you Sandi!! ;o)

And today the circus times :o)

Enjoy your Thursday!
xo, devon