Getting pics together for a post later this week about my current mural project, plus a tutorial on painting and installing murals on canvas rather painting directly on the wall (especially helpful if you're like me and currently can't spend hours n' hours at a job site, or if you're creating a piece for a client across the country).

For now I'll leave you with this shot of some of our seasonal bounty - oranges!  We have so many oranges and they're delish.  Over the weekend we juiced bags of them and made sorbet, sherbet, and mimosas.  Still so much juice leftover - put to the freezer for future desserts probably.

Have a lovely day and check back later if you're curious about murals on canvas!

xo, devon

ps - sorry to be such an absent blogger lately - Mbird's sleeping (or lack thereof) habits plus my desperate working on the mural whenever I have a moment has been kicking my butt!