A Vintage Train Scene

Since having Miranda everything takes me longer to do. Mural work is no exception of course! I lost track of how many stops and starts it took to complete this project, and how many palettes of paint dried up on me from so many interruptions. But it's done! I installed the mural over the weekend and now can share it with you (not the best of photos...it was getting dim, but hoping to get back over there and re-shoot some).

I painted the mural in my studio, pinning the canvas panels to my felt wall and slowly working through them.

Matching the end of one panel to the beginning of the next one. I worked on a primed heavy canvas that I meticulously measured out.

I used Golden paints for the most part - love that brand. Golden paints and lots of lots of palettes.

I installed the panels with not too much drama (the drama I'll go into in my next post which is a tutorial on installing murals on canvas).

Touch ups were minimal. It all tied together so nicely. Just a little dab of trim white here and a little swipe of sky blue there.

My clients love it and so does their 3 year old - it's his room! Now all they have to do is pop their awesome train on the track and let it do it's choo choo thing. So cool.

Jared and Miranda came to visit at the end of the long install day. Who'd have thought the messiest moment of the day came not from me with buckets of paints, wallpaper paste, and glazes, but from the Bird. Jared and I glanced over at her when things got just a bit too quiet. She had somehow gotten into my paint tray of not at all dried up (for once) acrylic paints and had it ALL over her - clothes, arms, legs, everywhere! I swooped in but didn't really know what to do, hahaha, and Jared just stood there and took pictures. I didn't find that to be a good idea at the time but in retrospect I'm glad he did :o)


It's so good to be done with this project. I can't even tell you. Well, I guess I should tell you. My clients have actually been waiting for me to do this for nearly a year...yes, I'm embarrassed to say it. But now I can. Because I'm done!


xo, dh :o)