All in the details

Miranda's birthday was on the 8th, but her party is scheduled for this weekend.  I, of course, have dreamed up all sorts of things I'd love to do for her 1st birthday party.  I've whittled that wish list down a lot though as we're so busy as usual, and shoot, we're tired!  We have Jared's parents here which is SO wonderful and we're busy bee'ing it some more by building our backyard deck over these next couple of days.

One thing I did decide to do for the Bird's party was make a birthday banner. In this case a banner that can then be hung in her room and add to the cuteness. I love Alicia Paulson's book "Stitched in Time" and got the idea and most of the instruction from there (I say most because I almost always look at the pictures then make my own hybrid). In this case I end up with the same look but did different construction methods (sewed scallops right sides together then flipped right side out and top stitched, rather than sewing wrong sides together then edging with pinking shears). I also drew the letters on by hand instead of using freezer paper stencils. I picked my standby favorite font "one forty seven" for the letters.

I still have to cut and sew the binding that will hold the letters together. Tomorrow. Hopefully. The ends will have loops to enable it to be hung from wherever. I'm thinking of hanging it from one of our big trees or from the patio umbrella. And when it's in the Bird's room it can stretch sweetly across the space (like those adorable sewn flag banners you see around).

Fun project!