Park Life

We had a great Saturday...picked up Jared's parents from the airport (visiting from TX) then headed to Menlo Park for a picnic.  Our lovely midwife, Rosanna, hosts the annual get together for all who are/have been a part of her homebirth midwifery practice.  So naturally there are little kids, babies abounding, pregnant mamas, etc., etc. - quite fun.

And Miranda had a blast.
She kissed little boys.

Then made them jealous by kissing their little brothers :o)

Then convinced them that crawling is superior to walking.

She also got her first ride down a big yellow tube slide.  I foresee many many more trips to the playground.  You gotta love that bouncy mulchy ground under the play structures.  It was making me want to do cartwheels & walkovers.

Have a great rest of the weekend!