Dogs at Play

Our local dog park is about to close for a year but we managed to get in one last visit last night.

A good time was had by most (mean standard poodle went and ruined it for the bassett hound and almost for Phylo too - mean, mean, mean!).  Phylo enjoyed his time sprinting back and forth between us, being frisky with some pooches, and avoiding squabbles with others.

Jared and Miranda mostly hung out looking cute.

And I guess I did some of the same with the Bird too :o)

Phylo got a nice romp and play and is somehow completely back to normal today as though he got no hard exercise at all.  Darn hound dogs - where do they get that energy?

Off to get Miranda back to s-l-e-e-p...back into those tough sleep times it seems.  Gosh, we're all ready for more of that magical dreamy stuff.