Dogs at Play

Our local dog park is about to close for a year but we managed to get in one last visit last night.

A good time was had by most (mean standard poodle went and ruined it for the bassett hound and almost for Phylo too - mean, mean, mean!).  Phylo enjoyed his time sprinting back and forth between us, being frisky with some pooches, and avoiding squabbles with others.

Jared and Miranda mostly hung out looking cute.

And I guess I did some of the same with the Bird too :o)

Phylo got a nice romp and play and is somehow completely back to normal today as though he got no hard exercise at all.  Darn hound dogs - where do they get that energy?

Off to get Miranda back to s-l-e-e-p...back into those tough sleep times it seems.  Gosh, we're all ready for more of that magical dreamy stuff.


Mister Phylo Bubba Twinkletoes

There's the Bird.
& then there's the bird dog.

Our big boy bird dog Phylo is 5 years old today. I remember bringing him home like it was yesterday.  We picked him up from his foster mom's house and he rode all the way home on my lap - like he belonged there.  He's still a lap dog - a 49lb lap dog.

Phylo (Greek for "friend") is from Cyprus.  Yep, the island of Cyprus.  An American couple living there found him and two other tiny German Shorthaired Pointers on the street and took them in. When they were just 6 months they boarded a plane to California and were placed with the South Bay Purebred Rescue.  Phylo was split up from his brother and sister but was happy with his foster mom and her dalmation Ziggy (and foster mom's learning disabled daughter who totally abused Phylo even though he kinda deserved it because he stole all her toys and ate them...). It was at 8 months old that we discovered Phylo (previously named Ajax) through and fell in love with our squirrel hunting, sofa cruising, smelly sock loving, cuddleybug goofball.

It's been nothing but doggie manipulation since then. 
(walk! walk! walk!)

You can imagine he adds a lot to the mix...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!
May we have many many many more years with you our Mr. Phylo Bubba Twinkletoes.