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Filoli. 654 acres of estate and gardens from the early 20th century. It's maybe only 30 or so miles from us and I just went for the second time last Friday. It didn't disappoint of course.

I took my visiting friends who couldn't have been a better fit for this place. They told me multiple times that they were in Heaven and proceeded to fill their cameras with to-die-for images. (Which will probably become paintings later on - check out their site here).

At Filoli there is something gorgeous around every bend...

And in every wheelbarrow.

Lining every set of stairs.

And behind every "secret garden" gate.

Sometimes its in the details...

You can't help but be mesmerized.

I mean, really, have you ever seen such a blue hydrangea?

Or felt like you were swimming in yarrow & lavender?

I nearly fall over whenever I enter this garden. It's Filoli's "knot garden" and it's otherworldly.

It's my favorite part of the entire estate.

Miranda had a good time I thought. I carried her for a bit (through the house on a self-guided tour), then into the stroller for most of the garden, then onto my back in the ergo carrier until we were ready to call it a day and get refreshments at the cafe. I think she's going to want to walk walk walk everywhere when she finally does start walking. For now, it's so great that she's happy being held and carried and strolled :o)

A few more pretties to show you. These glorious sunflowers lined the perimeter of the knot garden.

And this is one of the many water features. I love water lilies...

For more about Filoli...the house, the amazing gardens, how to plan a visit & maybe do some plein air painting go here.

Have an inspired day :o)