Handsome Devil

Meet Benoit.

He's an owling plush I just made special for someone who was coveting her friend's owling plush (which was only the second one I had ever made).

His face fabric is cut from something I'd originally planned to cover an antique couch cushion with. It is much more appropriate for owlings I've realized.

Benoit is extra extra huggable. 

Just look at that girth. 

Only for an owling plush is it okay to carry such a wide load. There's no shame in it.

His back fabric is my very own. Vintage '99 from my RISD days in the textile department. It's a nice long rhythmic spot pattern with a hummingbird overlay - all screen printed by yours truly.

I miss screen printing so much. Not so much the set up. Nor the clean up. But the printing - oh, swoon! It's almost too much for my instant gratification button to handle.

And look into those great big blues...this owling is not only wise, but very sweet. He will be missed. He is brilliant on our LR sofa. If I wasn't so tired/busy/tired/unmotivated I would sew another. I couldn't anyway, actually. I have only scraps left of both fabrics. So Benoit is the last of his kind.

And sadly but not so sadly, Benoit may also be the last big owling I make for a long time. Last of all my plush actually.

If you've been contemplating getting a plush from me (owling, penguin, elephant, etc.) better hit me up now! I'm headed back to fabric design with some big, fun plans for my first collection

I can't wait to show you what I'm talking about. :o)

This afternoon I'm painting a little phrase on a client's back garden wall. Then we're headed to our friends house for a bbq. We used to live next door to them. It was fun...casual anytime visits, drinking champagne on the porch, the guys racing & wrecking their RC cars. Good times. Now they have two little girls and we have our one. Still good times, just readjusted a bit :o)

Have a terrific weekend!