Get your back into it

That's just one of the sassy things Jared has said to me since Saturday, when I really did get my back into it while encouraging the Bird to "jump!" as I held up all 24lbs of her while leaning waaaay over with all the pressure on my lower back. I felt a big pinch and then had to lay on the floor. I was giggling at first, laughing at myself laying there. But the pain didn't go away, and shoot, here it is Monday and I'm not any better.

In order to kill some time this morning (as walking has been replaced by shuffling & I can't do all those normal things like going to the playground, or get out of bed by myself) I set the Bird up with some drawing with markers and pens. She loved the red marker! LOVED it. And it loved her in return!

I have a friend visiting tomorrow which hopefully will provide my entertainment starved child with some fun & a welcome distraction for me too. I met this friend right here through my blog - right Klay? Ironically enough, she and her family moved to the area and we actually get to meet in person now. How amazing is that?

Oh, and my new iphone has been super fun too :o) Christmas came early - thanks Jared!!

Please wish me quickly healing muscle fibers and nerve endings. I've been doing way too much "laugh-crying" over this ordeal. I have a ton of sympathy now for any one with a back injury - I'm a total geriatric.