From 2009 to 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!

With just a couple of days left of our wondrously long (and fairly leisurely) vacation I thought I'd share some of the highlights of the past 2 weeks. My parents visited from Germany & we spent Christmas together. It was such a treat to watch our Bird experience all the moments (some were more challenging - like Christmas eve church service). She soaked it all up - in her own way - the ornaments to explore (& remove) from the tree, the fabulously fun new dollies & cars she received for presents (yes, she is a well rounded girl), the great food and loving faces around her all the time. With family here we even got to sneak out to watch Avatar. One of my favorite parts of the evening was looking over at Jared wearing 3D glasses ;o)

It was a great time for me and Jared to get some things done too. Jared worked on lighting projects for our updated home office and I sewed a darling Marimekko curtain for the office closet. He and I cleaned up the backyard & we tackled loads and loads of organizational projects for the house. I need to make a photo tour of our new office probably - it's (without sounding boastful I hope) impressive...we really thought this one through & we love the results.

I also went through my 2009 goals list and wasn't too disappointed. In fact, I feel pretty good about the past year. I'm thinking on 2010 and will list out my goals again like I did last year. It's good accountability and I've always been one of those learners that is helped by writing things out multiple times.

Here are some photo moments from our last bit of 2009:

Hot chocolate outside Golden Gate Park.

Hiking above Crissy Field.

With my parents (and the Bird obviously bothered by her teeth!) at the Rose Garden.

Vacation has also meant staying up way too late - like every night. I'm so tired!

Time to hit the english breakfast tea.

Enjoy your first day of the year :o)