Reviewing the past & looking ahead

A sneak peek into our new home office (more on that later) :o)

How's your New Year going so far?

I can't help but feel tingles of optimism when a New Year starts - it's just my personality. Thankfully I don't get too crushed when my best laid plans don't all come together. Last year's list was actually not so far off, though - I don't feel even a tiny bit crushed, quite possibly I'm more determined.

And I
love making these lists...this year I'll just amend last year's list and go with it. It's all good stuff anyway. Except that chocolate cake goal - I think I need to stay away from that one, haha.

Anyway, here's last year's list. With updates in coral (because I like

1) Write wills to include Miranda, Phylo & Sanguine.
Started! I have the form and plan to get on this one.

2) Paint all the trim in the house.
Put a check mark next to the bathroom, Miranda's room, and the office. Next up will be the kitchen, our bedroom, living/dining, and piano room (and the laundry room when we work on that space). It's a heck of a lot of trim! Did they ever trim out these old houses!

3) Finish Miranda's mural and room.
I've made great progress on organization, storage, and cuteness but have yet to finish the mural...I'll get there. I'm keeping my paints & supplies handy for spare moments to sneak in there.

4) Set up college savings for Mbird.
Done! Thank you to my mom & dad for the first contribution :o)

5) Design and print a fabric line.
Putting this straight into this year's goals! No getting down on myself, only looking ahead.

6) Spruce up my shop & blog to best represent Devon Industry.
Hmm, yes, I did some of this but have been thinking lately of a larger overhaul...possible name changing & consideration toward my future business direction..

7) Clean up my studio & make it pretty.
I have to say, it is looking quite pretty out there...I painted over the horrid yellow walls & ceiling with fresh blue & cream, and painted the bathroom too. Hung curtains, pared down my items, made a pin board wall, added a butcher block table, and rolled out a huge wool rug. AND...I now have a heater out there - yes!!

8) Host at least 4 creative nights in the studio - 1 per season.
Had one - and it was great! Hope to keep this up this year too. I love getting together with my creative friends.

9) Learn Illustrator.
Scratching this one out. Not because I accomplished it, but because I don't think I need to anymore. Hello Photoshop, you are and always have been the one for me!

10) Pick a direction for my business, make a plan, design a look, market it.
Working on this the top of my list.

11) Save one day a week specifically for painting/illustration - get a babysitter.
This has been tough, but the past couple of months have been promising. I have yet to get a whole day to myself. If I do get time (through the very occasional babysitter, or babysitting swap with friends) I use it well. I just have to figure this one out.

12) At least 1 cardio workout a week, in addition to our daily walks.
I've stuck to this but haven't upped it at all. I admit I'm not feeling great about my body...need motivation - longer days & more sunshine would help. And getting all this chocolate & candy out of the house, oh my!

13) Learn to make the Paris chocolate cake.
I'll just eat "Paris chocolate cake" when in Paris.

14) Throw a big backyard party to celebrate Miranda's 1st birthday.
It was a super awesome incredible day! Looking forward to the 2nd one.

15) Learn how and start to make yogurt, mozzarella & farmer's cheese, and butter.
Haven't done this but I'd still like to. Jared likes to remind me that I've talked about this countless times and never do it, hahah.

16) At least 1 camping trip this year.
Camping (like, real camping) has been elusive for us. But we're going to Tahoe in a couple of weeks to play in the snow and will stay in an old cabin with a wood burning stove. Can't wait.

17) Clean and organize the basement and garage.
I had mentioned before that this is in Jared's department & so I happily pass the torch to him - along with any guilt that may come from the mess that is our basement. The garage is actually looking pretty decent.

18) Practice this mantra: do more with less, repair instead of replace, acquire an item/remove an item, use what we have, make it before buying it.
I love this's a lifetime goal. A few things come to mind. I made our own cloth baby wipes as well as diaper wipes solution (I have the recipe on the bottle and just remix the ingredients when we run out). I also made our own whole house cleaning solution, and painted the office using leftover paints I had on hand (just mixed into a color I liked).

19) Incorporate ASL (American Sign Language - through Sign With Your Baby book) into our everyday language with Mbird.
Our little Bird is a signing champ :o)