What I hope to do in 2010

I am an optimist, a dreamer, and I always have hope.

Here are my goals for the year!

1) Design and print a fabric line.

2) Pick a direction for my business, make a plan, design a look, market it (& say no to things that don't support the direction I want to go).

3) Blog, tweet, & put myself out there - in more immediate and significant ways. Often times I'm blogging about something I'd like to be doing, and don't ever mention what I'm actually doing (which is often pretty interesting, so I should stop keeping it all to myself!). So, if I miss the appropriate moment to blog about a huge world event, or say "happy halloween" or whatever, I plan to let it go...not harass myself into blogging about it 5 days, or 2 weeks, later. In a sense, this is a way for me to be more honest - with you, with me.

4) Host Creative Nights in my studio - at least one a season.

5) Save one half day a week specifically for painting/illustration - hire a babysitter or do babysitting exchange.

6) Finish Miranda's mural.

7) Write wills to include Miranda, Phylo & Sanguine.

8) Paint all the trim in the house...our bedroom, living & dining room, piano room, kitchen, & future laundry room.

9) At least 1 cardio workout a week, in addition to our daily walks.

10) Practice this mantra: do more with less, repair instead of replace, acquire an item/remove an item, use what we have, make it before buying it.