Noodle & Boo, part 2 + a pattern

There she is...the last bit of the Noodle & Boo mural job. Freshly painted this evening after Jared got home from work. I didn't mind the transition from mommy to muralist very much today. I will politely say that I was happy to get in the car and drive somewhere by myself and do my own thing for a while.

Of course, I missed the little crankypants (teeth? short nap? cabin fever?) could I not? She's been doing too many cute things to count. I really need to be writing them down! She does kissy sounds to call Phylo or Sanguine, and loves feeding them, she's trying all sorts of words these days and yesterday said "cool, cool, cool" which came from a book we were reading. And today she also tried to dance like a ballerina...doing circles and randomly kicking one leg. Adorable. Hard to believe next month she'll be out of the teens and into the 2's - 20 months.

This is the column in the Noodle & Boo office space entry. I like that you can see it from outside the office complex. It's a hint at all the prettiness inside. They've really done a nice job. It's so warm and cozy.

They would probably prefer me showing off a tidier image - but I don't have one, so heck - here's the main wall I painted last week. 16x10'. It was a long evening - deceptively long evening. Doesn't it look like you could just fling your brush back and forth real quick and have bunches of flowers? Er, no...

And WOO HOO!! I finally got the new Photoshop software - CS4! I uploaded it yesterday and started warming up to the massive amount of potential the new program has. Really anything over 7.0 was a big step up. Here's a pattern I just made today (during M's very short nap).

I made it my new twitter background.

If you live in California make sure you get outside this week - the rain is constant but the cabin fever is worse! I'm planning our escape tomorrow.