Songbirds & Dotted Blooms: A painted bed

I'm headed out later on today to paint a little girl's bed with all sorts of loveliness...

We decided on the birds, flowers, and polka dots above. Below are some of the other sketches I put together in my design process (which was really long & drawn out this time for some reason). Forgive the graininess of the images - they're iphone shots of prints of my sketches so that's like 3x removed from the original.

I love this kind of mural work and can't wait to get over there!

And the mural in the background was painted by me too :o) Well before I had Bird and was able to spend 2 or 3 days straight in there without a care in the world except getting the colors right and filling this sweet girl's room with winged fairies, striped rabbits, spotted mushrooms and strawberries.